Sample Courses

I am prepared to teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the following areas:

  • American Politics and the Media [ sample syllabus ]
  • Public Opinion
  • Political Psychology
  • Experimental Research Methods
  • Data Science for Communication Research

Courses at Columbia (as Teaching Assistant)

Introduction to American Politics

  • Professor Judith Russell
  • Led discussion sections and review sessions

Logic of Collective Choice

  • Professor Jeffrey Lax
  • Lecture: The Impossibility of the Paretian Liberal

Game Theory and Political Theory

  • Professor Macartan Humphreys
  • Led sections, review sessions, assisted on problem sets
  • Lecture: Interactive Epistemology

Math Methods for Political Science

  • Professor Nick Beauchamp
  • Led sections and review sessions
  • Lecture: Social Choice

Scope and Methods

  • Professors Shigeo Hirano and Dorian Warren
  • Led sections and review sessions
  • Lecture: Experimental Research

Workshops Taught at Columbia